Lawn Rolls

Lawn Rolls are a modern system to quickly cover parks, lawns and sport and recreational areas with grass. It allows you to see an immediate transformation. Laying turf is a pleasant and rewarding activity. Being at one with nature, creating a garden and being able to see and feel the final result immediately, gives you a satisfactory feeling.

Turf changes spaces in an instant: starting from a bare ground, in a few hours, unrolling the strips of turf one after the other, you will find yourself walking on an almost perfect lawn that we grew for a year in our nursery. You will be able to enjoy your new lawn straight away. It will add value to your home and will encourage you to spend more time outside.

At Nord Est Prati we grow turf in an open field with a medium texture soil. In our 35 hectares nursery we grow only turf and once it is ready, we harvest it with specific agricultural machinery that harvest the turf in 0,40×1,63 m strips about 1 cm thick. A roll of turf weighs about 12 kg and comes out of the harvesting machine already rolled up.