Ground Cover Plants

Nord Est Prati, a leading business in the turf growing field, pays close attention to the new trends of the market. For this reason we created a new system to quickly create flowerbeds of ground cover plants that you can enjoy in a few hours.

Nord Est Prati gives you ground cover plants grown in a rectangular pot instead of a classical one. The pot is 0,25 m² wide and 3 cm thick, therefore looking like a tray and creating a compact and practical clod, completely covered by plants.

To plant the ground cover plants of Nord Est Prati you won’t need to cut each plant from its pot like you did in the past, dig a hole in the ground to plant it, choose how to arrange the plants, mulch the ground to avoid weeds and then wait for the plants to grow. Nord Est Prati gives you a clod of already grown plants that you only need to remove from the tray and lay on the ground, like you do with turf. In a few minutes you will have a strip or flowerbed of already grown plants.

We grow our ground cover plants in our greenhouses using high quality peaty soil. A clod of ground cover plants weighs 3 kg.

Nord Est Prati also produces mats of Sedum, a type of succulent that for its hard-wearing characteristics is perfect to create green roofs or flowerbeds in low-maintenance areas.