What problems might arise over time?

Turf is a plant product, therefore it might suffer the same problems of a lawn grown traditionally. It is not immune to fungal or pests attacks. At Nordest Prati we grow turf in nurseries using IPM techniques (agricultural-biological-chemical), both for the physiological health of the turf and for the control of weeds. Turf is sold as free as possible from weeds, or, at least, from all those weeds that the regulations allow to counter using chemicals for the defence of turf.
The turf of Nordest Prati, thanks to its density, significantly reduces the germination of weeds. Therefore it is important, over time, to implement maintenance strategies, such as fertilization, proper irrigation, correct mowing etc. that allow you to keep the high density of the turf.
However, before mowing, it might be necessary to remove manually any weeds that might germinate, in order to avoid as much as possible the use of agrochemicals. This is why we offer 12 months of after sales assistance: to help you to manage your lawn properly, if any problem should arise.