Turf rolls

Turf is a strip of ornamental lawn, 40 cm wide and 160/165 cm long. It consists of a layer of about 1 cm in thickness of soil at the bottom and of the lawn at the top. After about 12 months from planting the turf in our open field nursery, when the density of the lawn is optimal, we collect it on commission with special machines that prepare it rolled up and stowed on pallets, ready to be sold. A roll of turf has a diameter of about 30 cm and weighs about 10 kg.

Prepare the soil as if you were to sow, than, rather than distributing the seeds, unroll the rolls of turf on the ground immediately after receiving them. Keep your lawn watered in the upcoming days, to facilitate rooting.

Turf is a plant product, therefore it might suffer the same problems of a lawn grown traditionally. It is not immune to fungal or pests attacks. At Nordest Prati we grow turf in nurseries using IPM techniques (agricultural-biological-chemical), both for the physiological health of the turf and for the control of weeds. Turf is sold as free as possible from weeds, or, at least, from all those weeds that the regulations allow to counter using chemicals for the defence of turf. The turf of Nordest Prati, thanks to its density, significantly reduces the germination of weeds. Therefore it is important, over time, to implement maintenance strategies, such as fertilization, proper irrigation, correct mowing etc. that allow you to keep the high density of the turf. However, before mowing, it might be necessary to remove manually any weeds that might germinate, in order to avoid as much as possible the use of agrochemicals. This is why we offer 12 months of after sales assistance: to help you to manage your lawn properly, if any problem should arise.

You should choose turf to immediately have a mature lawn in your garden, without having to wait months as with seeding.

Turf has a great advantage over sowing: while you should sow in late summer or early spring, turf can be used all year round, even in summer or in winter.

Laying turf is easy and rewarding. Starting, possibly, from the far side of the garden, you need to unroll the rolls one after the other. To proceed in straight lines, pull a string for the first row of rolls. For the other rows, simply unroll the turf and carefully draw it near the previous row.

You will receive the turf at the address you will give us, stowed in one or more 80x120 cm pallets. It is important that the pallets don't remain hours under sunlight: try to store them in a shaded area, or cover them with a cloth. Lay the turf as soon as possible, it is a highly perishable product. We recommend you to lay the turf as soon as you receive it.

Our standard roll is 40 cm wide and 163 cm long. The roll has a diameter of 30 cm and weighs about 10/12 kg.

If necessary, you can walk on the turf immediately after laying. However, it is preferable to wait 10/15 days to give the grass time to take root and anchor itself to your garden permanently.

First of all prepare the ground, install the irrigation system, plant the hedge or other plants, etc. Ordering the turf should be the last step, so that you can lay it as soon as you receive it. Measure the area you want to cover and order the turf online or by phone. We will send you the amount of rolls you will need to cover the square meters you ordered.

You can order a sample of turf: it will be delivered to you by express courier in a box like those of the pizza. You will be able to see it and verify if it takes root in your garden. Nordest Prati offers 12 months of free after sales support to all its clients.