What is Sedum?

Sedum is a genus of plant in the family Crassulaceae. It behaves similarly to succulents: it grows slowly, it does not tolerate water logging, it needs little water, it prefers very draining, no deep, substrates: 8/10 cm of substrate is enough for the life of these plants.
Sedum is also known as “Stone crop”, demonstrating its hard-wearing nature.
In nature there are about 600 different species of Sedum, to produce our clods we use the following species:

  • Sedum acre

  • Sedum album

  • Sedum lydium

  • Sedum sexangulare

  • Sedum hispanicum

  • Sedum floriferum

  • Sedum forsterianum

  • Sedum hibridum

  • Sedum reflexum