Sedum Plugs

Sedum Plugs

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The price of a single plan intends to buy at least 1 container of 72 seedlings diameter 5 cm

The Sedum being a type of very hardy plant and low maintenance impact, is suitable to be used for low-maintenance flower beds or green roofs.
The Sedum plugs Nord Est Prati pre cultivated ensures an end result of excellence with rapid effect.

Sixth recommended plant: 30/50 plants/m²

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Family Crassulaceae
Genus Sedum
Species Sedum Acre golden carpet, Sedum Album, Sedum Floriferum, Sedum Hibridum czars gold, Sedum Kamtschaticum, Sedum Middendorfianum, Sedum Reflexum rupestre, Sedum Sexangulare, Sedum Spurium coccineum, Sedum Spurium summer glory
Height 10/15 cm
Exposure Full sun
Soil Draining
Flowers Spring, Summer
Irrigation Occasional
Maintenance Low
Grow difficulty Medium-low
Fertilization Apply organic fertilizer once a year


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